Welcome to dfrent

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In my world, dfrent sounds like ‘different’, making a dfrence reads as (yes, you guessed it) ‘making a difference’. So, lest you think I can’t spell, I thought I’d clarify right off the top of our interaction what gives with the writer who can’t spell. That said, let’s move along to what’s offered on this web site, and how it can ‘make a dfrence’ to you.

It seems I was born with a penchant for writing, which I’ve employed most in the world of charitable organizations, to help people locate organizations and understand how they can help with various needs, and to funds for these same and other human services organizations. So, in essence, I make use of my writing skills to market, or to connect people to the organizations they and others need. Then came the day when my husband and I were moving toward helping his mother stay in her home as she was aging, and we were advised by both lawyers involved that we really needed to enter into a family caregiving agreement. Quickly we learned that such agreements created by specific lawyers were expensive, and that the web offered much advice but not much in terms of agreements between family members. So, we decided to do our research and write one that would work in our situation. When all was said and done, both lawyers were happy and we learned that we had created something that could ‘make a dfrence’ for others in similar situation to ours.

So, here we are at dfrent. I hope you enjoy the site and will return again and again. If you are reading this blog post before the sample agreement and guidance piece are available, please come back and check it out. With all the pieces falling into place nicely, I offer you June 1st, 2014 as the probable debut of The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement. Hope to see you before then, but for sure about then! In the intervening time, I will offer posts, including a sampling of our family caregiving experiences to date.