Time for Respite for the Caregivers

By Donna RandallAnnie OakleyWith 0 comments

If you are on the outside looking into our world just now, likely you would wonder why all the flurry of activity. Interestingly enough, this is what caregivers must go through in order to get some time away from the care recipients. As one of said care providers, I can assure you that we often wonder if it is worth it~ But then, when next we are gritting out teeth because our care recipient seems to be going out of her or his way to make life difficult, we think back to the previous time we had a time away from our charge, take a very deep breath, and continue with the seemingly relentless preparations for our vacation in lieu of respite services.

Don’t get me wrong here…I am appreciative of our health care system that covers various amounts of the costs of our care, depending upon the financial position of the elder person. The trick is that the covered costs must be kept at a level where the government can maintain the system. From the perspective of the caregivers, this means that we must communicate with several levels of service, with these levels apparently not communicating to one another. So we need to act as advocates and administrators for our elder’s care, at the same time as we are attempting to make arrangements for our own departures. Luckily for us, Annie quite enjoys heading to the facility where she stays while we are away. So far she has been the highest functioning elder in this facility (which houses people needing full-time care, which buoys her spirits and reassures her that she’s doing very well, for which she is thankful. In turn, we, too, are thankful, especially a couple of days into our vacation, when we finally kick into holiday mode.

Yours  in caregiving,


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