The Family Caregivers Need a Time Out

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When I was conducting research into family caregiving so I could create a realistic caregiving agreement, something that came up time and again was that as caregivers we need rest and relaxation. Now I can assure you that this statement is true. Another truth is that as our commitments grow in duration, we need longer time-outs or shorter ones and more of them. So, the time for us is now, and I write to bid you a fond farewell, for now. For the past several months we three (my husband, his mover, and me) have been a little bit on edge, and a little bit short with one another, so we all will benefit from a change of scenery. But, make no mistake that it is easy to get away, as we caregivers must spend more time getting things ready for our charges than we spend on getting ourselves ready. Right about now the tension it a little high, but come early next week all will be well.

I appreciate you all checking out this blog and hope you will return in mid to late August, when we will take up where we left off in observations about the challenges and joys of family caregiving. One thing you might want check out is the new description of the agreement and guidance document, and take note that both are now available through the web site shop. I have no doubt that as more people purchase this package, new blog conversations will take flight.


Yours in Caregiving …