The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement

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I developed The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement and Guidance Materials from personal experience.  First my mother took what seemed to be an amazingly steep dive into poor health and dementia.  During that time I learned of the complexities of health care systems and how they apply (or not) to our aging /ailing family members.  Navigating these systems caused me to look closely at the experience of my mother’s as we lurched from one crisis to another, and I determined that there must be a better way.

So when my husband and I decided to care for his mother, we consulted a wills and estates lawyer for help.  Both parties’ lawyers strongly recommended a family caregiving agreement, and after searching for one and finding none, we created the basis for The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement and the related Guidance Materials.  My goal for this more extended version is to streamline the system for those contemplating family caregiving.

Taking on these responsibilities is a serious decision.  By talking about and formalizing details, you can avoid difficulties now and later.  I suggest the use of The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement along with the other essential documents (such as the will, powers of attorney, health directive, etc.), to create a package that has been discussed, and agreed upon, by all family members and other heirs, and professional advisors.

Why buy and download this caregiving package?

  • To determine the timing of your need
  • To approach your potential care recipients, and other interested parties
  • To learn what to consider and how to write your own agreement
  • To learn how to include this essential document with the other essential documents needed for later life and end of life planning
  • To save a minimum of $1,000 by doing your own leg work
  • To learn the advantages of making care arrangements in advance of the need using The The Essential Family Agreement, making your own arrangements, and recommending the process to others


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