The Book: Menopause or Lunacy … That is the Question

menopause dfrent

Riding the bus, driving your car, at work, in the grocery store, on the beach, in the fitness club, walking along the road – you see them everywhere.  Most often, they are rushing, while looking frazzled, exhausted, and panic stricken, stopping often to wipe their brows.  These are women-of-a-certain age, and perhaps you, or someone close to you, fit this description.

The effects of menopause vary from woman to woman, but many experience disturbing mood swings, loss of memory, loss of control, exhausting sleep patterns, debilitating hot flashes, and feelings of inadequacy.  These are trying times that can be made less crazy if we know the scoop, approach ourselves and our circumstances with a sense of humour, and share our stories. While reading Menopause or Lunacy…That is the Question you will explore menopause from four perspectives:  Feeling Up … Feeling Down; A Mind Blowing Experience; I’ll Never Look Like THAT!; and Finding Myself.

As never before, we possess the freedom of expression to discuss matters previously considered private.  I invite you to do just that by buying Menopause or Lunacy…That is the Question, for yourself or a menopausal woman near you, while having a laugh on me.  Whether you’ve been there—are there—think you are going crazy—know you will be there—or know a woman who is acting crazy— this is book is for you!