Persuasive, Biographical, Creative, and Humorous, Writing


Good clear writing is effective in many situations. I’ve included here samples of these various types of writing and their uses, and look forward to helping you with your writing needs.

With persuasive writing I will help you raise funds, market and sell your products and services, and produce reports your stakeholders will read.

Biographical writing will enable me to write your history or that of a family member, something we so often want to do but never quite get around to doing.

Using creative writing I can embellish family stories, and create special occasion presentations, or help you write an original story for someone special.

Humorous writing works well in speeches for retirement parties, weddings, milestone birthdays, and a whole lot more.

By combining these various forms of writing I can help you capture the essence of a person, couple, entire family, friends, work colleagues, and the list goes on.