One of those Special Times

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Not long ago, Annie Oakley attended the funeral of one of her sisters-in-law, who had reached the ripe old age of 91. With Annie’s family of origin having been a rather large one, the gathering was akin to a family reunion of major proportions. As often is the case, following this funeral service was a luncheon, lots of time to reminisce, and a very full slide show that commemorated the life and times of the deceased family member.

Annie’s Robbie (my Bob), had taken Annie to this family event, with both of them having enjoyed catching up with members of the extended family, and when they returned home Annie settled into her suite, while Bob filled me in on the day’s activities. You see, I had had a business commitment that day, so didn’t accompany them. As we prepared and enjoyed our light dinner, I noted that I’d not heard anything from Annie, who normally would have prepared for herself a light snack following the plentiful offerings at the gathering. As more time passed, I had determined I would slide downstairs to ensure Annie was okay, when we had carollers at the door and then in the house, including some of Annie’s great grandchildren. When they asked about Great Grandma, we suggested they head down to pay her a visit, and it wasn’t long before they were back up to advise that she was sound asleep, which didn’t surprise me given she’d been so busy catching up with family members that day. And so we carried on.

When the carollers departed, I did head downstairs to check on Annie, who was now ready for bed. She had no idea that she’d missed dinner and that she’d had visitors early in the evening, and was still riding high following her day. Before I knew it, she was recounting the visits she’d had that day, including one with a niece who had travelled from California for the gathering. Having decided I would stay and hear her recollections of the day, the next thing I knew was that Bob was calling down the stairs to make sure we both were okay, which prompted me to suggest to Annie that she’d best call it a day. When I returned upstairs, I mentioned to Bob (aka Robbie) that it was a pleasure for me to experience Annie’s experience through her eyes.

Yours in caregiving,