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Persuasive, Biographical, Creative, and Humorous, Writing


I have a proven track record as a professional fundraiser. Using my communication and interpersonal skills, along with persuasive writing, I have increased the fundraising revenues of a variety of charities. In total, I have helped raise more than $1.4 million, largely for health care, the arts, and post-secondary education, to benefit current and future needs.

The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement


Like many others, I fell into family caregiving, first for my own mother, along with my brother, and then for my mother-in-law (alongside my husband). For the second situation, we worked with lawyers who recommended entering into a family caregiving agreement. With my mother-in-law conscious of costs, we turned to the internet to find one already created, but found nothing suitable, so we created one. Now vetted by two lawyers, I offer for sale The Essential Family Caregiving Agreement as a guide or example. At the strong suggestion of both lawyers (and because it made good sense), we included our agreement as one of the essential documents required to complete the whole package, in consultation with various professional advisors. Already, we have found the agreement helpful.

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