Feast or Famine

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During the past year or more I have been watching as my clothing become looser and looser on my body. At this point, I am not sure whether to be worried or celebrating, given the size I attained during my menopausal years. Given the number of the sad and stress filled tales of woe I have heard from women extremely distressed about their weight gains, I have decided to write about this topic at this time of year, when great numbers of women are attempting to shed their holiday pounds. So, here goes…

What I know for sure is that the weight patters of women during their lives are anything but stable. Some women ride the eight roller coast each and every month along with their menstrual cycles, while others might retain water but their basic weight remains stable. While we are talking menstruation, let’s talk a little bit about the role of pregnancy and weight changes. While it goes without saying that women gain weight during a health pregnancy, alarm bells will ring if when these gains are more or less than expected. Conversely, alarm bells also ring for me when I encounter pregnant women who are unusually slim and express an obsession to keep their weight gain as little as possible. As I am not a medical professional, my response to either of these situations is to find a way to talk about the importance of seeking the guidance of a doctor to follow the pregnant woman and the pregnancy.

Now, when it comes to expecting certain eight patters of women during menopause, we are less inclined to be able to determine what is likely to happen. Maybe this uncertainty arises because we so often do not know we are menopausal until we are well into our menopausal journeys. So, I am happy to offer up what happened to me in the weight gain department, perhaps to serve as a rough guideline for you.

Long before I knew I was menopausal I was puzzled that I was gaining weight steadily. Over the course of two summers that included considerable time on our sailboat, I noticed that my casual summer clothing shrank for some reason. Summer duds that had been loose on me suddenly (or so it seemed) became very tight, to the extent that I could not wear them with any level of comfort. Yes, I must admit that we east more robustly on the boat than we do at home, but we also swim, hike, and row or kayak pretty much every day, which IU think offsets the extra food intake. The mystery of the weight loss was solved that next autumn or winter once my buddy Mz. Lezlee advised me of my menopausal status, which made me feel both relieved and horrified.

When I think of it, the eight ups and downs for women happen for a reason. The menstrual up and downs have to do with water retention, the gains during pregnancy are related to the growth and nourishment of theft new life within, and during menopause we experience varying weight gains and losses work in concert with our hormone changes, and the like. So, as I see it, it makes no sense to try to fight these variations while we experience these changes. Most women I’ve talked with about these situations report that everything settles out once the changing times have found their niches. In other words, my girlfriends go with the flow and save yourselves worries and aggravation.


Ciao for now …