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Q: What is Menopause?

A #1:  Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when changes occur accompanied by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual upheaval, leading to the end of her menstruation and fertility, if she survives the process.


A #2:  Menopause is the time in a women’s life when changes occur leading to the end of her menstruation and fertility, apparently sometimes with no discomfort, chaos, suffocation, endless sleep deprivation, emotional collapse, etc. Heavy Sigh.

Q: What is menopause related Lunacy?

A #1:  See Menopause or Lunacy…That is the Question for a fuller answer via the scenarios.


“Many of the problems associated with menopause can be attributed to the undeniable overlapping of myth and medicine. A woman’s bleeding was once considered a powerful cosmic event connected to the lunar cycles and the tides. This connection to the moon’s cycle was later distorted and the connection between the wisdom of women and the tides denigrated. The word “lunacy” is the result of this denigration.”


Excerpted with thanks from Menopause Mayhem, by Marleen M. Quint, Women’s Health Advocate, from www.wildcelt.com Women’s Health Forum.


A #2:  Running and screaming in all directions simultaneously, while ripping of one’s clothing from around one’s own neck and beyond, and losing control of most aspects of one’s life, but with good reason.

Q: What is a woman-of-a-certain-age?

A:  Women fitting into this category are of an age when they likely are menopausal or are soon to be, or already have been, and somehow can pick one another out even in a very large crowd. In fact, they very often gravitate toward one another to commiserate and/or celebrate…or both.

Q: What are Hot Flashes?

A:  Well, for a menopausal woman, they start pretty much in her womb/uterus/groin as warm feelings, which grow in temperature and intensity as they travel up through said woman’s body, causing her skin to become very red and hot, and then attempt to exit the affected body through the neck, and eye lids, and top of the head. Menopausal women experiencing hot flashes often attempt to fan themselves at turbo speed to lessen the intensity of the flashes and associated sweating, usually resulting in them creating even more perspiration than would be the case without all that darn fanning. And then, when all is said and done, the menopausal women’s eye lids begin to perspire, with the saline running into her eyes and causing much stinging and watering of the eyes, leading to the running of eye makeup in those women who haven’t yet given up wearing said makeup.


Author’s aside:   Show me a woman who refers to hot flashes as power surges, and I will show you a woman who has never suffered through hot flashes. 

Q: Is it coincidental that many women wear their hair short during menopause?

A:  Definitely no coincidence here, given that during a hot flash the back of the neck perspires with about the same intensity as do the eye lids. So, by having her hair cut short, the menopausal woman can avoid a complete melt down during her hot flashes, and sometimes avoid the raccoon look as her eye makeup runs all over her face. 

Q: What is a night sweat?

A:  Night sweats result in a sudden and intense heat throughout the body of a menopausal woman, followed by immediate and uncontrollable shivering caused by the skin coming in contact with the soaking wet bed sheets. Often, further shivering then takes place when the woman in question is forced to either get up and change the bed clothes, or move to the couch, and wrap herself in many cold blankets before attempting to get some more sleep before a new day dawns.

Q: What is memory loss?

A:  What was the question?

Q: What is menopause associated brain chaos?

 A:  Could you repeat the question? Could you please repeat the question?

Q: What is menopause-mush-mind?

 A:  With this condition very difficult to define, here are some symptoms, as displayed by many menopausal women-of-a-certain-age: gazing blankly into space, mouth agape while searching through all the memory banks in her brain to grasp for answers, whether or not a question was asked. Often her head is tilted upward as she looks into the sky as if believing that the name or word for which she is grasping will appear in the clouds or on the ceiling, and so on… and on and on

Q: Can menopause be positive?

 A:  What is positive about menopause is that it leads to the post-menopausal phase in a woman’s life, which includes the following plusses:  no more menstruation; more knowing what we (post-menopausal women) want, and doing just that; less appeasing everyone except ourselves; no more menstruation; no more menopause; no more fertility, and more often than not (many women say) freedom and happiness in general.

Q: What can help a menopausal woman (you?) make it through to become a post-menopausal woman?

 A:  For those one or two women who sail through menopause without symptoms, simply keep on keeping on. For the women who are plagued by menopausal symptoms, keep your eyes on the prize (as revealed in the previous question and answer). And, you can get by with a whole bunch of help from your friends and your loved ones, and your employees/employers, and co-workers, and from everyone you encounter along the way, provided these people attempt to understand what’s up for menopausal women and that this, too, will pass…some day. And, by reading Menopause or Lunacy…That is the Question, all parties concerned can be enlightened and respectful of the menopausal experience.



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