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12 Jan

Feast or Famine

During the past year or more I have been watching as my clothing become looser and looser on my body. At this point, I am not sure whether to be worried or celebrating, given the size I attained during my menopausal years. Given the number of the sad and stress filled tales of woe I

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When Great Expectations Cannot Be Met
27 Dec

When Great Expectations Cannot Be Met

Looking back, I think it fair to say that I come from a family in which being quick witted, independent, and funny reigned supreme. Although raised in the midst of the Great Depression and not formally educated beyond the ninth grade, both parents were quick, and wanted that for their children. In fact, I can

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Losing my Girlish Figurish...and kind of missing it
30 Nov

Losing my “Girlish” Figurish?…and kind of missing it

This blog post goes out to all of you who have cussed and carried on about various parts of our felines line, such as our saddlebags, our bottom that measures considerably more than our bust line, to name some of our cursed body lines. As with so many things in life, you just might end

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Cruising Season and the Horrors of Swim Suit Shopping
08 Nov

Cruising Season and the Horrors of Swimsuit Shopping

I find it hard to believe that already we are hearing from our friends that they are headed off here and there on cruising adventures. After all, we’ve hardly stepped ­out of the last remnants of summer!! But apparently, other folk don’t think like I think…what a surprise…NOT! However, I can commiserate with my cruising

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beware the wrinkly retina
01 Nov

Beware the Wrinkly Retina

Let’s start this post with a bit of a review about why vision challenges have anything to do with menopause and/or lunacy. What seems like a lifetime ago, I found myself experiencing poorer and poorer vision, far drier than usual eyes, and a keener than ever before focus, so to speak, on my eyesight. For

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What Women Say
20 Oct

What Women Say…

Recently, DFR Enterprises spent a day at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, British Columbia. Now, I can hear you ask just what we were doing there. Well, we were there because the creators of the Midlife Crisis Show felt that the offerings of my business were right down this show’s alley, so to speak.

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You Should See The Other Guy
04 Oct

Some time back in this blog (in fact probably more than once in this blog), I have talked about vision issues and their possible link to menopause. That link, as you may or may not recall, is a condition called dry eye, which also is connected to aging, I have also learned from some natural

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18 Aug

Counting the Time to Clear Vision

If memory serves me well, it was just a tad more than one year ago that I wrote a mournful tale of woe about my failing eyesight. Although this year has been fraught with frustration and downright agony thanks to my deteriorating vision, I know am thrilled to report that by the time you read

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31 May

To Write or Not to Write: Creating the Book of My Dreams

Today I unveil the blog post that I wrote at the request of Balboa Press. Given this is a lengthy post, I will let it speak for itself. I hope you enjoy reading it and that it gives you some extra insight as to why I have written Menopause or Lunacy … That is the

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That Death Warmed Over Feeling
20 Apr

That Death Warmed Over Feeling

Although my father surely didn’t experience menopause, or at least like many women experience it, he certainly hit the nail on the head with the description “death warmed over”. Most often, my late father would use that description for a pretty nasty hang-over, but it sure fits the bill here, as well. But I digress.

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