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Donna Faye Randall, the Author

I was raised in a family whose members understood the power of words, and my interest and skills in writing came early. Winning my first award for creative writing in Grade 2, I eventually enrolled in university to study English Literature, and English Language and Rhetoric. I earned a Master of Arts degree and completed most of the course work for my Ph.D., before rerouting into the fields of sexuality education and fundraising, both of which involve storytelling, writing, and a good sense of humour. I believe strongly in the power of the personal story. Now a woman-of-a-certain-age with a slightly quirky (with some people calling it twisted) sense of humour, and a penchant to educate and entertain, I tell the tale of my own menopausal meanderings and sometimes mania—and those who helped me through it, more or less.

I still marvel and laugh at myself that I couldn’t identify my own lunacy at the early stages of menopause, but really, why would I have known, given my relatively young age of 45 or 46, or thereabouts? Another red herring throwing me off track was that I’d experienced many changes in my life throughout the previous few years: a new partner, two moves that landed me in Victoria, B.C. from southern Ontario, new jobs (accompanying the two moves, following a decade with the same organization), lots of new friends, and yet another change in life partner. So, I had become accustomed to my life changing at a rather stunning pace.

Even though the events preceding my menopause were emotionally trying, I figured I was in a stage that soon would pass. How wrong I was! I sure do hope that Menopause or Lunacy…That is the Question helps all sorts of women from all sorts of places identify their menopausal stage, while they take solace in my foibles. In addition, I hope family members and friends of these women will read at least parts of this book, at the request of their women folk, to gain some insight into “The Change”, and the rather chaotic and unsettling time it is for many, otherwise rational, female human beings.

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