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12 Jan

Feast or Famine

During the past year or more I have been watching as my clothing become looser

Testimonials / What Everyone is Saying

  • “This book is told with humor while it evokes sympathy. I loved the back and forth erratic form, manifesting the idea of menopausal madness.  Perfect!”
    JS, Professional Fundraiser, past menopause
  • “Although just 30, I couldn’t help but feel Donna’s angst as she grappled with her cat dilemma—a lose-lose situation for her."
    Juliette, Esthetician, with menopausal mother.
  • “Donna is both insightful and funny. She’s spot on about forgetting everything, and her scenario about drastically messing up her budgeting rings true for me. Bravo!”
    Lorraine, Retired Counselor, beyond The Change.
  • “Intriguing and captivating—encapsulates the struggles with this stage of life, while revealing that the chairs are not the issue”.
    Elsie, Retired Librarian, past The Change
  • “ I totally relate! Donna has managed to balance the realities of menopause with her personal experiences. It’s so hard to keep a sense of humor when your brain is lost in some foreign sea.”
    Sharon, Professional Fundraiser, in the throes of menopause.