Difficulty with Changes

By Donna RandallAnnie OakleyWith 0 comments

When the condition of a care recipient results in altering daily affairs, everyone involved is affected. Such a change in Annie has just now occurred, and we are considering the implications.

We received word yesterday from Annie’s Day Care program that she no longer can attend Saturdays at the centre, given she cannot keep up with the group when they go on outtings. Annie loves getting around and about with the other participants and the staff of the day care, and has provided herself in being the elder who is the most capable in every way. Pride goeth before a fall, I think is the expression, and that certainly is the case today for Annie. The actual rearranging of Annie’s one day at the centre was fairly easy, but the implications are not. And in true pass the buck fashion, we asked the nurse at the centre to tell Annie about the change. Actually, this wasn’t only a cowardly move, as we know Annie will take the news better from the nurse, a person in authority, than she would take it from us.

So, I will report back in a future post about how it all went down, and how goes the change for us, as we now must make time in our schedules to get Annie out for short walks, to keep that heart of hers ticking.


Yours in caregiving,