Can’t we stop the Scams?

By Donna RandallAnnie OakleyWith 0 comments

Please excuse me if I’ve written about this subject in the past. But truly, we MUST be able to stop the mail scams directed toward seniors. Pretty much every one other than vulnerable seniors can see at a glace that the envelope in question contains a scan designed to relieve said elders of their money, and yet our postal system cannot protect these elders given no one can tamper with the mail. I suppose I should be thankful that over the past four years we have managed to cut this volume in about half.

As I write, our Annie Oakley has been dwelling in the hospital for six weeks, with her not responding to these scam mailings for approximately four years, and still these letters arrive relentlessly. I shudder as I think back on the wars we have raged against Annie to get her to understand that the people asking for her money are thieves, but always to no avail. At one point we connected with the director of the senior’s day care where Annie used to love to go, suggesting that they have an officer from our local police detachment to speak to their attendees. She loved the idea and yes indeed this talk by the cop took place. According to said director, the impact was minimal to none, but at least they had tried. The seniors seemed to be quite engrossed, but they didn’t equate the mail they were getting with the crooks that were taking away their money.

So, here I am yet again begging everyone caring for seniors to be extremely vigilant and make it a top priority to do all that you can to keep these pleas for money out of the hands of their care recipients. In our neck of the woods we are moving to community mailboxes that require a key to open and in some cases the ability to walk to pick up the mail. While many folk are up in arms about this situation, I see it as a non-confrontational way of keeping the mud hooks off elders, thereby keeping them from being victims of the scam.

Yours in Caregiving,