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some consequences of checking out
19 Dec

Some Consequences of Checking Out

By Donna RandallAnnie Oakley

When last you left Annie Oakley, although her hip fractures were healing well, she had decided to forego her rehabilitation program, explaining that she was tired at 93 years of age and, happy to rest in the bed and be taken care of. Fair enough, many of us said, adding that we likely will feel

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Can't we stop the scams
11 Dec

Can’t we stop the Scams?

By Donna RandallAnnie Oakley

Please excuse me if I’ve written about this subject in the past. But truly, we MUST be able to stop the mail scams directed toward seniors. Pretty much every one other than vulnerable seniors can see at a glace that the envelope in question contains a scan designed to relieve said elders of their money,

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When our elders check out
03 Dec

When Our Elders Check Out

By Donna RandallUncategorized

I think I am safe to say that many of us have heard the adage that a broken hip in seniors most often is the beginning of the end. While this didn’t seem to be the case for Annie Oakley at the time she broke her hip and for about one week thereafter, things quickly

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